Transversal speed and too small of an engraving

Hello folks, got my k40 (finally!) adjusted and going. Two problems 1) the moves in between engravings are way too fast causing motors to loose steps… How do I reduce the speed in transversal moves?2) randomly, when I start a job, the engraving instead of doing say a 150 mm x 150 square is doing something like a 5x5 mm engraving. Curiously, the previous job was exactly the same and engraved ok. This is why I say randomly.I also have a diode with grbl on another port. I suspect it sometimes switch to the config of the grbl partly. I am using c3d board with smootieware. Thanks in advance! Paul

It sounds like you want to enable or adjust ‘fast whitespace scan’
Edit → Device Settings - turn on Fast whitespasce scan and set the value to whatever speed you want.

Sorry, no idea about #2.

I don’t think the ‘white space’ settings should be used for this in a properly configured controller. It shouldn’t be necessary.

You should have a ‘maximum acceleration’ setting within the controller to limit the acceleration to something your motors can do without loosing steps.

These are ‘speed’ limits for the machine. They are there to protect the machine.

These are from my grbl machine led machine.

My co2 has an acceleration of 65,000mm/s^2. Yours could be anything in between, but less than what you have currently configured…

Make sense?


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