Travel Resolution and Stepper Resonance Issue


I have a a “little” problem with configuration i think.
I try to use GRBL on Arduino Uno and Shield V3, both are clone, and i have an issue with movement.
At beginning i used a GRBL Controller but i change the laser diode and that board have a problem with PWM and because that i was forced to try an alternative of that, and the fast solution was with Arduino Uno.
The old board use GRBL V0.9, on the new one I tried several versions and in all cases I encountered different problems (0.9, 1.1f, 1.1h).
The only way to obtain a correlation between 1 mm of software and 1 mm of table was with resolution 5, everything else make a lot of resonance on stepper.
On this configuration when axis move straight everything is ok, but when i have a radius the problem appears, all the stepper go into resonance.
On old controller all works greate, i tryed the settings from there but the result wasn’t good.
I attached a pictures with the old setting and the new one.
I try to adjust the microsteps from shield but i didn’t receive any good result, The Vref is 0.96 and stepper Nema 17.
When i change the resolution to a higher value, for example 80, i can obtain better flow on lower speed but in that case 1 mm from LB will be approx 13 cm in reality.
Value $0 and $1 don’t do to much.

Any idea will be welcome.

Do you have the microstepping jumpers on under the drivers?

No, on the above configuration I’m on full step.
I try a few mode with jumper but nothing satisfying…
The driver used is A4988 .

Try putting jumpers on all three here


Then I would think your setup would work with resolution 80/mm and acceleration at 200.

The problem was from there, very simple, very easy, more than two day of trying… :slight_smile:
I tried a few combinations at first, but the result was below expectations and because of that I ruled out that it could be the whole problem from there.
Thanks for your time.

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