Travel speed & length when engraving

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been really enjoying my 60watt laser. It’s an Omtech 60w with a Ruida controller. My issue is engraving. When I watch videos I see that their machine goes side to side quickly for example 500mm/s, 20% power 318 LPI. Fill shapes individually and flood fill off. Mine, on the other hand, takes long strides left to right and in fact if I am close to the right of the bed I will get an error "need larger overshooting or acceleration. I’ve tried in a new project, different fills (individually, together) etc. and I can’t seem to figure it out. It makes engraving what seems a very slow process. I’ve tried flood fille on as well and just a letter “T”. My version is 1.0.04. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Side note: The software is awesome and would like to say thank you for all the help and dedication to the users!
Here are my machine settings:

Thanks in advance!

i can see that you X acceleration is 500 while Y is 2000, try to give same value for both axis (2000 if you want to go faster)

That was it thank you! I don’t know if that was a factory setting or if I changed it inadvertently