Traversal Lines Between Objects (not GRBL / JCZFiber Controller)

Hello everyone,

I have an EM-Smart Basic fiber laser and would like to control it using Lightburn. However, I am experiencing an issue where traversal lines appear between objects. This problem only occurs with Lightburn and not with EzCad2.

I have found several solutions for a GRBL controller (e.g., setting $32=1), but I am using a JCZFiber Controller.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can resolve this issue?

Thank you!

Not a Galvo and I may be wrong but I believe you have to import your EZCAD settings and Galvo COR file

Did you follow the Docs instructions?

Dear parsec

Thanks for your feeback.

based on this

I think I dont need the correction file because I imported the markcfg7 file.

But I will check it again.


When you set up LightBurn did you import the settings from the EzCad config that came with the laser? This looks like an issue with the timing settings - the mirrors are not pausing at the end of a shape to wait for the laser to stop firing, or the laser is not stopped soon enough. It could also be that you have the wrong source type chosen.

Hello everyone,

I had a really frustrating day today, spending around 10 hours trying to get Lightburn to work with my laser.

I tried and changed various parameters, especially in the timing area. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Lightburn multiple times, as well as the drivers. Interestingly, I was able to engrave a shape twice without errors, but the next time it didn’t work.

Easycut 2, on the other hand, worked everytime flawlessly.

Then I noticed the message “unrecognized board signature”. I tried connecting the laser directly to the PC without a hub, but it didn’t help.
Even on my old laptop, I got the same message, but the laser itself worked perfectly.

It’s not that urgent anymore as the laser works at least on my old laptop with Lightburn but I would still like to solve the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be and how to fix it? I would really appreciate any tips!

Thanks in advance!

Best regards