Trial Extension Request

Hi Lightburn, I’d like to go for the extended trial.
Trial ID: 69a24181-4a35-8a4a-7627c3a

Sorry, but this is not a valid trial key. Please try again using the Copy and Paste of your OS to ensure we get the correct one. :slight_smile:


Can you extend my trial version of lightburn please. Because I can’t find any other software that is as good as lightburn. Really appreciate it if you give another extension.

   Thank you, in advance.

Trial ID: c76b9e7c-477c-40d9-bf1a-a307e56f395f

@ACatelier, I see you also sent the same request via email. I have responded to that message and extended your trial.


Are you asking for something @hrdkosk? :slight_smile:

Looking into our systems, I see this trial is valid until the 29th of this month. Is there something specific you are needing help with using LightBurn? We are here to help. Please post your questions in a new thread.

We are willing to extend trials, but yours hasn’t expired yet. If you need an extension, please request via support email closer to the expiration date and we will sort this there.

Can you please extend my trial , the second day that I install light burn my laser get broke. Now I buy a new mashine , but i can not try how does ot work.
Trial code : 13765eff-58c4-4a0d-be5e-b5c08d982641

We ask as it is easier to manage from our email support tickets, but I have bumped you trial so you should be set for additional trial.

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