Trial Extension?

Hi! I just sent an email but it seems that the forum is a better venue based on what I was seeing. Thanks for being so responsive here!

My ortur had some issues so I wasn’t able to fully test out lightburn. Would it be possible to have one extension on the trial version? I just want to make sure I can handle the software before buying it! But assuming it is as cool as I think it is I fully plan to purchase it once I know a little more of all it can do.

my trial id is 19cae4c9-9da0-435d-8f15-8577d52346b9

Since you already sent an email, thanks for reaching out and supporting LightBurn by the way, we will do it there. One location triggers our responsiveness the same as another. Posting in several…just triggers. :slight_smile: Makes more work than required for everyone, please don’t do that. Thank you.

Extension complete. You have a full 30 days to evaluate LightBurn.

I sent an email to the support desk and it recommended that I send it on the fourm. I was not able to fully use my trial due to laser and work schedule issues.

Also do you give a military discount for the software?

Thanks in advance.


Edited and removed trial ID.

We have resolved via email. Please check there. :slight_smile:

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