Trial Key Expiration

So awhile ago I bought a Laser Machine. My intent to use it right away failed. Almost a year later finally starting with it. But I wanted to test out your software. Unfortunately I jumped the gun and downloaded the software when I got the machine. Is there anyway to have this extended? Thank you for your time.

You will need to contact support at Lightburn.

Thank You. I’ve tried searching for a phone number and or email on their website it says the best form of contact is through this Lightburn Forum.

Please remove key from OP. Even though it’s a trial just not good practice. Check this page out. It has all the contact info.

From all the other Topics Lightburn said to post the trial key to open discussion. I’ve read similar issues. Maybe this is new? Apologize if I wasn’t suppose to do that. I’ll remove it.

No worries. This is an open forum. If you post key the world can see. Only send key via email directly to lightburn.

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