Trial period expired and I have an expired license

I have been using Lightburn for a little over a year. Yesterday, I created a file, closed it down for about a hour and when I opened it back up I received a license page. It says my trial has expired, however when I put in my expired regular license key in it says that is expired as well. The license is expired but I was under the assumption that I would still have access to Lightburn. Anytime I x out of it or click ok, it closes Lightburn. My time/date was already correct but I had it resync. No change, I still cant open Lightburn. Any suggestions?

Correct. You should be able to enter the key, even if expired. You won’t be able to update to the latest, past the expiration date, until you renew the license key. But you should continue to have access.

Please show a screenshot of this window, so we can see what you are observing.

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