Trial period suggestion

I believe that as Lightburn is becoming more complete, with more functions, the trial period should be extended to e.g. 45 days. So that users don’t feel trapped by the short time, and ask questions before making a search/reading/try/learn.

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Use another software for lasers…free or paid and get back to us. There is a reason Lightburn is considered the best. A 30 day full functioning trial period is almost unheard of now. Not to mention, no subscription fees and free updates for a year? I’d love to hear what is a more “complete” software than this. Also, they listen to their consumers, hence the updates. You can certainly use free software to use lasers, but you will need several different programs to do so. For a hobby, or if you just want to learn different progs, that is fine. Many commercial companies use Lightburn for a reason.


We have good news. Previously, we provided Trial Users extensions to the trial period via email request. With the release of 1.5.00 we have added to the function allowing In-App extension directly by the user. If your trial runs its course, you are presented the option to extend directly from the LightBurn License Page, under the Help menu. (in a whispering voice) and you can extend more than once, providing significant time to fully review all aspects of the software, prior to making your purchasing decision. :slight_smile:


It’s very generous. :+1:


Maybe I didn’t explain myself well.

“Becoming more complete” because it hasn’t stagnated and developers are constantly improving and adding new features. Not everyone with a laser has a degree in mechatronics to understand how these kinds of machines work, nor do they have the math/drawing/2D/3D skills to use Lightburn easily and in a short time.
I’m always learning from everything.

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When I first got my laser I used Laser GRBL because it was free. I spent a couple weeks struggling with that program trying to get the results I was looking for.

I finally installed the Lightburn trial and within a couple hours realized that I would not go back to GRBL because Lightburn is such a great program. I purchased it before the trial ran out.

I’m not an engineer/programmer/graphic designer, but I immediately saw the benefit of Lightburn. The price they offer the program for, without a subscription model is unheard of for a program with it’s capability. At $60 for GRBL version, it’s only a couple dollars more than I pay for my Adobe subscription monthly.

The purpose of a trial is not to fully learn a program, it is to see if said program will work for you, allowing you to make an informed decision about purchasing. Their 30 day trial (plus extensions) is so much more than any other software I have tried in the last several years, many give 10 days at most. I feel their trial period is more than generous for such a great program.

I did this, and had not ever connected to my laser because I was 1000 miles away from it. I figured if it did not like my machine, i would just use it as a Gcode generator.

I’ve only had lasers now for almost 2 years and I certainly did not use one everyday. In fact, I went almost 6 months in a row not using one because of where I had it located. Laser GRBL is alright for basic engraving and such, but it might even be more confusing for 1st time users than Lightburn is. I had never used any design software before and was a bit intimidated at first. Luckily, there are so many on-line resources it really isn’t bad at all to learn the basics. I certainly haven’t mastered it, but I do feel comfortable using it as opposed to learning a dedicated design program such as Adobe Illustrator, which is a subscription based program, or Inkscape, free. And you would still need a program that sends the G-Code to the laser itself. LB is all-in-one. You will find that 90% of laser users are more than willing to give any advice or help to those just starting out because they know how frustrating starting out can be.

I’d recommend Hobo with Wood, Rich, the LA Hobby Guy, Steve Vintauri, and Dave from the Clack Shack for some excellent tutorials. Watch the older ones first as these are geared more towards beginers and 1st time users. Good Luck in your lasering.


Thanks Rick.

I had to ask for some extra time on trial because i went in the hospital for 2 weeks. got home sent that later that day i had 3 weeks added. i played around on lightburn for 3 days and that was enough for me to know thats the program for my lasers

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