Trial set up - ip address required

I do not have a machine yet. I have ordered a Thunder 24 60 Watts and want to learn to use Lightburn before I get my laser. Tried to download the trial but it asks for the ip address of the device. Do not have it,
Could anyone please help.

You can use LightBurn with a different machine profile to get to know the program, but it amazes me a little that you can not just run with the “machine offline”. On my comuter no.2 there is also no laser connected but I use the same machine profile here and LightBurn acknowledges with the feedback that the laser is offline.

or… maybe a friendly user with the same machine can send you his machine profile?

Thank you, Bernd. I will have to wait for some one to give me the profile. It is strange that Lightburn would require the ip address because Thunder is always encouraging everyone to get the trial while waiting for the machine.

However, try using a gerbil profile or something else, just to start, LightBurn does not need a connected laser to work.

Well, when you set up a machine profile and choose to connect via ethernet then it wants an IP address.
But since you don’t have a machine to connect to there’s no reason why it needs to be a VALID IP address.
So make something up and use it for now and change it to be correct when you get your machine.
Here… Here’s your temporary IP address. :smiley:

Great. Thank you very much.

… you are so generous and throw around with free ip addresses … :hugs:

Since I do not have a network connection to my laser, I have not thought about it at all

Ah, I’m just loaning it to him until he gets his own. I’ll expect him to return it when he’s done with it. And maybe toss in a beer since I was so nice. :slight_smile:

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You do not have to ever connect a machine for LightBurn to work, you just have to give it a machine profile so it has a place to store some of the settings.

Thank you gentlemen, it worked.
Beer is no problem execpt that you will have to come Toronto.

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