Trial version install on computer not used with actual cutter just to evaluate interface?

I am just wondering if I can install the trial on a computer that is not even at my laser cutter location to mess around with it and check it out the interface…and then when I can, put it on my laser cutter computer to try with the cutter?
If so, would I used the same license key?
Or, does the free trial tie to the computer and it won’t matter anyway? Basically I would be starting a trial on two computers.

You do not need to have LightBurn connected to your laser to use it, although you will want to define an appropriate Device Profile to match your laser. LightBurn supports different types of laser systems and provides a dynamic user interface, which adjusts to present relevant controls and options based on your defined device profile.

You can install the trial on the computer attached to the laser for your output testing without needing to use the same key.

Yes, trial is per computer.

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