Triangle Creation and Triangle Design Tool

How could I easily design an equilateral triangle . . . or a “Pythagorean triple” triangle (30-60-90)?

Wouldn’t it be cool to have a tool where one could enter any three angles of a triangle – and Lightburn would create the triangle which could then be proportionally resized for various projects?

Or maybe there’s already a way to do this?


Upon further reflection, I suppose I could create individual lines or rectangles, rotate them the number of degrees and then Boolean merge them . . .

Or you could draw a square with the correct dimensions for 2 sides, then add a diagonal line from corner to corner for the hypotenuse and then delete the extra 2 lines on the square.

Triangles can be created, but not the way you are thinking. Choose the ‘Polygon’ tool (image) to create, then adjust the number of sides to 3.


Over time LightBurn will be adding additional enhancements to the drawing tools to provide even greater control over creating these objects.


Cool. I was afraid I might have to reteach myself high school trigonometry which would only have brought back painful memories.

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DOH! I can’t find “Shape Properties” to click on anywhere.

If I create a hexagon, highlight it and select edit nodes, that doesn’t bring up shape properties.

Or blame my trifocals . . . I’ve tried the menu drop-downs and don’t see any “shape properties” options.

What am I missing besides the plain nose on my face?


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