Triangle help please

I am fairly new to LB and learning more every time that I use it. I am in the design phase of a new project and I need to draw a right triangle. Every time that I draw one and then add rectangles, in order to make tabs using the Weld tool, I find that the base and vertical axis did not align accurately on the horizontal and vertical plane. When I add the rectangles for the tabs I notice that the horizontal or vertical planes are at a bit of an angle. How can I do this correctly.
Thanks in advance for your help,

If you are creating your right triangles by using the line / pen tool, hold the shift key after clicking the start point. You will then be restricted to 45° increments, ensuring that your horizontals and verticals are horizontal and vertical. Obviously to close the triangle, you have to release the shift key after the second line.

If this is not helpful, consider to post an image with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back describing … oops, wrong album.

Check out this video.

We can assist you with some automation. You can have LightBurn generate and place the tabs / bridges for you. Tabs / Bridges - LightBurn Software Documentation

And @RalphU is correct, the 2-point rotation and scale tool is helpful when wanting to align as you describe.

Thank you. Very helpful.

Thank you. This makes it work nicely.

Are you adding tabs in the laser/cnc use of the word, or are you adding tabs in the same manner as a flap of material?

Sorry, should have used a different word in order to avoid confusion. I am adding material tabs to insert into slots in the base material. No problem with that though as I have used the Weld tool. My is ussue was with creating a right angle triangle and maintaining it on a horizontal and vertical plane. An earlier answer resolved it for me. Thanks for your input.