Trim seems to be working differently

In previous versions, you could hover over a segment of a line (between two nodes) and hit “T” to trim that segment. Since the last couple of versions, trim does not do that. It seems to trim multiple segments but I cannot determine what it is based on. Can anyone verify or explain this behavior. I have used Trim in the past to breach a path so that I can create two separate shapes.



Thanks for the help guys :unamused:

I can help with some explanation.

This description for ‘Trim’ is from the ‘Node Edit’ section of our documentation:

“while hovering over a line, trim line under mouse at next intersection”

There, near the bottom of that section, you should also find this video, covering the ‘Trim and Extend’ features. The video was released as a demo at the time of adding these to the Node Edit tool.

If intending to remove a segment, I might hover over that segment and select ‘D’ the chunk between the nodes of that segment.

Thank you. That helped clear it up.

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