Trimming Design

In Corel, I can “fit in frame” to make an overlying design (filigree, flower silhouette) not show beyond the edges of my main design, say a cat. How do I do that in Lighburn? Left is what I get when I get it into Lightburn, and right image is what it looks like in Corel, and how I need it to look in LB.

If you’re talking about image masking, watch this and see if it helps: Image masking tutorial - YouTube

I think they’re looking for Boolean tools or Cut Shapes.

This post was actually flagged, but I missed whether it was flagged by the original author, so they might’ve meant to remove the post / found the solution. @FYentz - if that was what you meant to do, you should be able to just delete your post.

Thank you, but I already saw that video and it didn’t help. I missed how to upload pictures yesterday, so here is what I’m trying to achieve.
The first pic is what I have in Corel after placing the scrolly pattern in the ‘frame’ of the cat.
The second pic is what it looks like when I open it in Lightburn, and I need to trim off the scroll part that comes off the cat.

Don’t know why it was flagged; I didn’t flag it and don’t want to delete it. Thanks.

The boolean worked, except it is engraving the entire cat and not skipping over the scroll parts. I don’t see white in the color choices, which is what I used in Corel to make the laser not engrave the scroll parts. How do I do that in LB? So, I have the result I want on the screen, but not getting that engraved when I send it to the laser.

Have you tried using a .PNG file with a transparent background, with the scroll work as part of the background?

LightBurn doesn’t have white - What you’re likely doing is painting over part of the image or vectors in Corel. LightBurn doesn’t work that way - you could export your file as an image from Corel and import that into LightBurn, and that would work.

Are the scroll parts vector shapes, or a bitmap image?

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