Trocen 3120 is reducing the size of the image

I am using a 80 watt laser with a Trocen 3120 controller. It has been working great today. Then after loading a new file it cuts about 75% of the full size. The settings in Lighburn are at 100%. I have tried turning the laser on and off as well as deleting the file and uploading again. The drawing fits on the laser bed size and fills the proper space. I have moved the origin point several ways also but same issue. Top right and bottom left both reduce the size.

Is it cutting smaller in both directions, or just Y?

Can you show a picture of what you mean? LightBurn sends real sizes to the controller, and the controller converts those into motor steps, so if you changed any settings on the controller that could do it.

It was reducing the drawing both X and Y by about 25%. I finally discovered this happens when I use the picture import feature in RhinoCad5 on my Mac. This allows you to import a photo and then trace over it. I was resizing the photo to make the trace true size. Then I carefully imported the photo the correct size. Once traced and the drawing exported to LightBurn it would cut at about 25% The drawing would be the correct size on the LightBurn grid as well as the laser but it cut it small.(It was set at 100% size) I finally gave up and drew the part without the picture import and all work well. So it seems there is a glitch in the Picture import feature (in RhinoCad5) that causes the problem.

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