Trocen awc708S Image Lightburn 'beyond border limit' error

I am having no luck in getting my Trocen to engrave a bitmap picture.
I load it into Lightburn, scale the image to suit the target
And then load it in to the Trocen.
As soon as the picture is loaded I get a “Beyond Border Limit” error

I have tried rescaling, changing the dither information. the picture will be 100x200mm I have read through the manual and tried enabling and disable Auto Origin.

Can anyone give me some idea of what I might be doing wrong…

Not sure, but the error sounds like the laser head would be going out of bounds if it tried to run the file. Most DSP controllers have automatic over scan, so if the image is too close to the edge of the work area, the laser head would not have the room to over scan the edge of the image. You could try moving the image closer to the center of the bed.

What Grumpy said seems reasonable. Things to look at are you acceleration settings. I had the same problem with my Ruida when I first set it up. I was conservative ( slow ) with acceleration, combine that with fast travel speeds and the distance the laser goes beyond the actual work dimension increases. Once I got my laser dialed in, I went from many 10s of mm of travel outside of the work area to about 15mm at the faster speeds I use ( 400mm/S ).

To see if this is your issue, try making your speed very slow, even just 1mm/S and see if that error goes away.

Look at your device origin. I had the same error. On reset the head moves to the upper left corner, in LB the origin was set to the lower left.

That seems to do the trick. Have other problems with engraving but at least I am now engraving.

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