Trocen Controller / Laser is working but shows as "disconnected"

I am testing LightBurn before committing to a switch from LaserCAD. Laser is working and connects fine in LaserCad. With LightBurn, I can actually send a file and some basic commands (i.e. origin) and it functions as expected, however the laser still shows as “Disconnected” in LightBurn. I ping the laser successfully at the given IP with the laser powered on, and unsuccessfully with the laser powered off (as to confirm no other devices using that IP).

Any suggestions why is shows as disconnected?

Mine often says disconnected - I just ignore it, to the extent I never even look at the connected status.

If its working, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Perfect. I will carry on with the testing. I just didn’t want to waste a bunch of time if this was going to result in issues as I get into it. Good to know there is a least one other person with the same experince.

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