Trocen TL-3120 drop in replacement

Let me start by saying I AM NOT COMPUTER SAVVY that being said is there a drop in replacement for a Trocen TL-3120 controller ?

The settings and wiring between different models of Trocen controller are basically identical, so if you got an AWC-708c, for example, it would give you a bigger display and the option for Ethernet connection, the plugs should be identical, and the settings could just be copied directly across.

If you want to use a different brand, the problem you’ll have is that the controller itself has been configured for the machine it’s in, so unless you find someone running your identical machine with a different controller, and can get their settings from them, you’ll have to set all the step sizes, homing, limits, speeds, acceleration settings, and so on that dictate how the controller drives your laser.

The wiring between Trocen and Ruida controllers is very similar, and the settings aren’t dramatically different, but different enough. If you’re going to do it, take a lot of pictures of wiring between the controller and the other parts of the machine, so you know where things go, and take screen shots of all the machine settings parameters so you can apply them to the new controller.

Having said all that, what is it that you’re hoping to get from a different controller?

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