Trocen z offset

Hello LB staff.

Is there any plans to allow z offset in the trocen line of controllers. I currently have the 708c lite but am looking at the newer version. I would like to be able to control the Z offset through LB like you can with the ruida. There was talk from Jason that this was in the works (I believe) but I haven’t heard anything regarding this. Also with the new 78** controllers there are multiple air assist options that I don’t believe are available through LB.

Thanks for all you guys do.

It seems there are a number of things that are not supported on the Trocen controllers.

From what I can gather, as an outside user, is that ‘how’ it works in some ways isn’t as available to the developers as the Ruida. That would restrict development.

Seems kind of like a lunacy issue if you want to replace it with another controller that doesn’t do what a Ruida does when you could just put in a Ruida …

That would make it work a lot like a Ruida :crazy_face:

What kind of options?

My Ruida has low pressure air assist that comes on when it runs any job and the ‘air assist’ in Lightburn enable high pressure.

Is there other uses/configurations to air assist?

Good luck


the trocen is all around a better controller than a ruida IMO. The new ones have three options for air assist. A light pressure, medium and CUT. Unfortunately these options, as good as they are NOT available through LB. As well as the Z adjust through the controller. I want the Z because some of what I do needs to focused and other parts slightly out of focus.

I guess, I wouldn’t really know what makes a good controller or one better than another. I’ve only had a few grbl and a Ruida controllers.

What seems to make any piece of hardware successful depends on what kind of software is available for it. I’ve used a lot of above great hardware that didn’t make it because the software support was limited.

I got burned by Apple, I purchased a G5, neat machine… less than a year later they announce the move to Intel. A couple years later, the browser wouldn’t run because I couldn’t update it… Put the nail in it’s coffin. Ran it on Debian for longer that it lasted with Apple.

I know it’s not really the same, but lack of good software has broken many machine…

I don’t have a Z axes, other than a ‘knob’… I have most of the parts, but I realized the screws on the Z axes wobble. So it can be off a couple of mm x and/or y when I change the height.

What is better about the Trocen?

Can you elaborate?


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