Trotec Speedy 100

I have buy a trotec speedy 100 and my question is i use Lightburn for my Ruide controller and works fine…

Can you make option make printing to job controller with colour RBG??? because they use Hairline for cutting on red 255 and black for engraving no settings need only what they need is the line size etc

if u can make it we should be happy

Can you rephrase this? I’m not sure what you mean.

Job Control is a printservice and all things what we can make on lightburn of there is a option to make print to a job control we can use the software also on Trotec machines

No, this is not available. Although others have asked us to do so.

Adding support for a new control system is a non-trivial task and can take many months to complete. Trotec machines have their own way of processing the job which is unique to their hardware. Supporting Trotec systems will require a similar development effort to the process we went through to provide Ruida and Trocen/AWC support.

You can signup and add your support for this by visiting our feature request voting site linked below.

That being said, you can look at the ‘Export’ options available within LightBurn to see if you could bring the work over from LightBurn to the software you use for your Trotec.

Are you using Lightburn as your design software? And you are asking for the option to print the artwork from Lightburn because the Trotec software uses a printer driver to accept artwork?

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Yes JobControl accapt RGB colour and u can print from there

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