Trotec Speedy 300

does lightburn support this and if so what is the controller to select ?

is there a profile or such I need to load

“Trotec Speedy 300”

LightBurn does not currently support the Trotec line of machines.

would it help if I captured some traffic so that support could be built ?

Does LightBurn support Epilog, Trotec, Universal, Full Spectrum, or GCC Lasers??

I am happy to help progress this - not sure where it is on your list of to do’s

Thank you for the offer. Definitely send an email to us: support at lightburnsoftware dot com so we can reach back out to you when the time comes.

You should also submit " Support Trotec Lasers" as a suggestion on our suggestion site so that other people can vote in support and we can gauge how much interest there is.

The developer, Oz, is about to move across the country, so all development is going to slow down for a while. That said, happy to start the conversation in the above ways :slight_smile:

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