Trouble cutting 1/8" hardboard / 100w laser / A lot of flame

Hi Everyone,
I am fairly new to laser cutting and boy does it show! lol

I’m trying to cut through 1/8" hardboard (Masonite) using a 100w /Chinese laser. My settings are 70% power / 7mm speed / Air assist on / 1 pass. I have tried multiple settings and with and without air assist and multiple passes. Different speeds and power. I have not gone below 50% power.

What’s happening is, I am getting a TON of flame no matter which settings I use, leaving the cutout piece useless.

Any help would be very appreciated!

What PSI are you using, you need a compressor not the little aquarium pump that most lasers come with.

What is your min Power setting? Rudia and Trocen Controller have a stard speed, under this speed (10mm/s) is the min Power aktiv, over this speed is max Power aktiv.

Thanks OldDogTim…
I am using the small compressor that came with the laser so that could definitely be the problem. I ordered an actual compressor today so I will see if that helps. Very much appreciate your help and time!

Thanks Andreas.
I believe my min power setting was the same as my max so 70%/70% but I will double check that and make sure. Thank you so much for the help, explanation and your time!