Trouble designing a test file?

Hello guys,

I’m trying to design a test file for tiles an I’m having a very dumb day.

There isn’t enough colours for the amount of test squares I want to use.

How do I create different settings in my squares without having to in my case do 3 lines of squares an then change the setting to do the next 3 rows? An so on, very long an drawn out.

Or an I going about this all wrong altogether an there’s a easier efficient way?

Thanks in advance.

K40 cohesion mini and lightburn

Sorry about the photos going all over the shop…

I’ve attempted in the past the task you have set about. A newish feature of Lightburn is available in the Shape Properties tab. If it’s not visible in your screen, use the Window menu to select it.

It allows you to create an array, as you have, then select each element and provide a power factor.

Important note: ensure that the power settings have a difference between minimum and maximum. My first foray into this design had the max and min the same, so all power applied was the max, which did not work as hoped.

My maximum power for the laser is 65 percent. If I select an item in the array and give the Shape Properties field 100 percent, I’m going to get 65 percent of the laser power on that item.
If I select another item in the array and use 50 percent, I’d expect 32.5 percent on the cut/engrave.

An excellent feature of an excellent piece of software.

James - if you’re using a GCode based machine, your min-power setting is automatically zero, so you don’t have to worry about the point made by Fred here, but anyone with a DSP controller would.

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