Trouble getting laser power to operate at 100%

Today I started to have laser issues with my Master 3 (20Watt) I am using Lightburn.

I am unable to cut through 3mm wood at 100 power and 100 speed, where as a few days earlier I was able to cut the same wood at 40 power and 400 speed.

Not sure how to fix this issue. I already reset the Master 3 and restarted Laserburn with the same issue. And yes my lense is clean.

I know my issue is with Lightburn because when I use my phone app to cut or engrave I am not having the same issues.

Any thoughts? Thank you.

What are the units for speed? Are you comparing like for like? Make sure you’re not using mm/s or something else when you actually expect mm/min.

Well I found the answer elsewhere, I went to Edit and at the bottom of that list select “Device Settings” once there I went to the bottom right where it says “S-value max” it said “250” for my setting and I changed it to “1000” and immediately all my issues with the laser were gone. Do not ask me to explain, because I do not know, what I do know is that it fixed my problem.

That is a relevant setting but it should not have spontaneously changed. Did you recreate the device, reinstall LightBurn, or are you possibly using a different device profile than the one created for the device initially?

Yes I agree, but the bottom line is it was good one day and was not the next day. I am just happy I am back to a working laser.

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