Trouble Importing Excel Spreadsheet

Is there a simple way to import a Excel spreadsheet into LightBurn? I have a project of engraving the spreadsheet (text and grid) into acrylic, however I have not found a simple way to do so. Here is what I have tried;

  1. Exported the sheet as a pdf from Excel and then imported into LightBurn. Problem: the text does not import. I learned why from “Trouble Importing PDF” post.
  2. Exported the sheet as a pdf from Excel. Imported into AutoCad then exported as a DXF. Imported into LightBurn. Problem: The text does not stay in the proper cell. Some of the text combines with another.
  3. Tried a few online file converters but the text quality was not all legible.

There isn’t, unfortunately. The best option I can suggest is possibly trying to export it as an image file, but I don’t even know if you can do that from Excel. You might be able to import the PDF version into InkScape or another package like that, convert it all to curves, then export as AI or SVG from there.

You could put the cells you want on screen and take a screenshot with the PRT SCR button next to F12, then go into inkscape or Gimp and paste. then you can crop and save as an image to run in LB. :slight_smile:

Okay, thank you for the reply.

Thank you for the suggestion.

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