Trouble importing

So I’m very new to lightburn so I may be overlooking something obvious but, I am trying to import a file I drew on my iPad with vectornator and I saved it as a svg. When I import the file lightburn crashes every time! Are these programs not capable? Is there a step in missing? Or maybe a limit on size? I’m using a 2.8 laser.

There are different kinds of SVG, probably your kind is not supported

You could also try exporting either a PDF or AI from Vectornator. Lightburn can import PDF and AI.

Well, this is not good. :slight_smile: Do you get a crash report of any kind? We would like to see that if you do. LightBurn should not crash.

Please send this file to support at lightburnsoftware dot com, include a link to this post, and we can take a look.

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