Trouble setting up "new" device

Lightburn gave a message that I needed to renew my license. I did that and now I cannot open the software. It is asking me to set up a device. Shouldn’t I already have a device set up? All I did was renew the license.

Hi Nancy

Have you also upgraded after renew license?

I have not. I wanted to upgrade but alas…

I will need @Rick or @JohnJohn to help out on what might have happend.
As i understand it renewing the license should have not caused this

Couple questions if i may:

  • What version of lightburn are you currently running
  • have yout ried to load a preference backup
    File menu → preferences > preference backup
    should give a long list of earlier preferences you can restore

I am running 1.5.06

When I go into the file menu none of the choices are able to be chosen

Understand you are on MacOs and it can be slightly different but.

could you share your screen if you go to this menu
What is listed on the backup window?


That device setup window seems to be preventing me from doing anything.

try this sequence please:

  1. create a dummy device
  2. File menu
  3. Load Pref’s Backup

from the list select the closes date you seem reasonable, maybe 1 week back
see if this helps

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Alrighty it did let me load a backup pref set. Do I need to go in and create a new Device?

If you’ve selected a backup and the device profile matches the laser you’re using, then you should be set! Check your console window to confirm the connection has been made. Window>Console if you can’t find it :slight_smile:

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Looks like it’s all good then. Thank you for all of the help!

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Awesome news!

I am still intrigued on why a renewal would trigger the reset. I will keep some notes :slight_smile:

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