Trouble with laser speeds

Okay, how best to start…
I was using a Neje N40630, etching and cutting my projects in about 10.5 hours per 1’x2’ sheet, of 3mm Birch plywood. I needed it to be faster. A lot faster. So I bought a Neje A40640 module to replace the N40630, in the Master 2S Max gantry. According to everything that I’ve seen, the Neje A40630 module is capable of cutting through 3mm, over four times faster than the N40630; thus I assumed, that the A40640, with it’s dual laser, would at be at least as fast as the A40630. However, this new module only seems to be capable of cutting a little over three times faster than the original N40630.
When I installed the A40640 into the gantry, I had Lightburn search for my laser, again, thinking that it may have different code. It found it. However, It is only cutting a little over three times faster than the N40630 did.
I have checked all of the settings that I can find, in all of the locations that seem to make sense, in search of some way to tell it to cut faster, but have found nothing. Am I missing a setting? Was I misinformed by a company that was just trying to sell me a new product?
Don’t get me wrong, three times the speed is still better than what it was doing, but I need it to be faster. I know due to products that I’ve seen for sale, cut from the same wood, for retail prices lower than one hour of labor at minimum wage, that somehow, someone is cutting these things in no time at all.
Is the problem that I’m having just that I’m using lasers too cheap to accomplish what I wish to accomplish? Can anyone suggest a better laser, that I’m not going to have to spend $40k to acquire?
Am I just a jerk that can’t see that my laser is doing the best that it can, and I should just give it the benefit of the doubt?

Lots of text… Upload the .lbrn2 file you are using and let us examine it. It may be the way it’s engraving can be improved.

What settings?

I have a Ruida controller and a few grbl machines. If you change the laser module, the control board has no knowledge of the modification and really doesn’t care as it has no need to care.

All it does it control the new laser just like the old laser.

50% power on a 2 watt laser or 50% power on a 100 watt laser, makes no difference to the controller.

Performance can depend on many things, mostly is the focus of the device. That can make a good laser, bad. So ensure you are focused and the lens is clean.

Run a ramp test to ensure focus distance.

The only control you have is with it’s power/speed.

Is that the 40 watt? I have one of the 30 watt modules.


Unfortunately, it won’t let me download the main file that is perplexing me, as it is about 7.5Mb… It says that I can only do up to 4Mb… If there is another way to do that, I will… Are we allowed to post our private email addresses to this forum?

No need to do that… If you click on a users name you have a ‘message’ option. That is more private, but it’s better not to post any personal information like that…

You can upload it to something like ‘google drive’ and post the link here. That will get you around the size limitations.

Ensure you set the link so ‘anyone with the link can read it’.


Copy, thank you…

I looked at it, there is just a lot to do. I tried a few things with the optimization settings, but couldn’t help you much.

Let a few of the others give it a shot… Sorry about that…

Definitely a large file…


Thank you for looking at it…

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