Trouble with latest version making radius corners on square box

Trouble with latest version making radius corners on boxes, square or rectangle. I am able to do them on multiple sided boxes. Any suggestions

What trouble are you having, and how are you trying to place a radius on the corners? Please share your steps taken and what did or did not happen. What did you observe, exactly?

Using 1.0.04 Mac version, I am able to radius the entire rectangle from the ‘Shape Properties’ page (Shape Properties - LightBurn Software Documentation).

I can radius a single corner using the ‘Radius’ tool (Modifier Tool - LightBurn Software Documentation) without issue.

On an earlier version no problem.
Step 1 : using box icon to draw I create a box 2"x2"
Step 2: I use the arrow button to move the box which highlights it
Step 3: While highlighted I click the radius button. Nothing happens like the points appearing on the corners.
If I have created a box with tabs I can highlight the box and go to radius button and the points show up

I’m on pc not mac.

Show us. I am not following where you are having issue. You can see from the pictures I posted, I am able to get both processes to produce radius corners. :slight_smile:

Rick if you duplicate my steps you will be able to radius the corners just like your pictures unfortunately I cannot. I was able to do it in a previous version of Lightburn. The current version I’m using is 1.0.04.

I may have a setting wrong. I didn’t make any changes when the new version updated .

Are you using a radius that is too large?

No. Rick actually helped me resolve it, I wasn’t using the Properties window I was just clicking on the radius icon on the main program screen.

Thanks Rick

User error, boy do I feel dumb
Thanks to all who responded

Can you share what specifically you were trying that did not work? This might help others not stumble around this process. Thanks :slight_smile:

I forgot that once you create the box and want to radius the corners one needs to click on the box corners. I just kept clicking the radius icon down on the left of the toolbar thinking this would activate the corners on the box

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