Trouble with the Resize Slots in Selection

Hello All,

I am trying to change a file to fit the size wood that I am using. I have tried everything I know, Which isn’t much, and can’t size the tabs. Is this possible or because there is onlt one tab it can’t be done? I have attached the file for anyone to look at. I am trying to make the 2.96 mm heigth 3.22mm on each end of the pieces. Thanks for any help.

Test for forum.lbrn2 (29.0 KB)

As far as I can see, all your parts have extra nodes which make your segment lines “not straight”. Theoretically, you should clean your shapes and the resize function should work.
But, when it’s so simple and few shapes, I’d rather construct them from scratch, it saves tons of time.

What said - this one will work
Test_for_forum.lbrn (31.3 KB)

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