Trouble with Y Axis resetting

Chinese T6040 with RUIDA 644XS Controller

Each time machine resets (on starts up) the Y axis thinks that it’s usual 400mm is only about 300mm (Lightburn vs controller setting?) which affects the proportions of my engraved images.
To fix it I have been going into controller and using HF8888 to reset Y axis to Factory Default setting. However I am unsure what this does or what these settings are to replicate.
How/where can I change these settings to ensure they default correctly?

This “reset” returns the Ruida controller back to the Ruida defaults, which are not the same as the ones used by your laser manufacture. You should reach out to the supplier of your system for the exact correct settings used when your laser left the factory.

This is also worth review: Configuring A Ruida - LightBurn Software Documentation

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