Troubleshooting missing parts of image when filling

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I’m having trouble with filling in some images that I have imported from an SVG file. It seems that the image is intact while working on it in the software, but as soon as I preview it, many of the lines in the image go missing, causing me to have to deal with an open, unfillable, image.

The image will line cut just fine, it just won’t fill. Could someone point me in the right direction?

I’ve attached images and the lightburn file for reference.

Thank you,


1SGT Coaster.lbrn2 (181.1 KB)

some lines of that svg are too thin, i obtained what you are looking for after 10 min work…

1SGT Coaster-1.lbrn (233.4 KB)

Thanks for looking into it for me. We learn something new every day. You’re a pretty fast worker!

can you please mark it as a solution? :wink:

I’ve tried to duplicate your efforts on my own in an attempt to learn how to make this fix. However, When I increase the stroke in illustrator and import it into lightburn I still have the same issues. Is the stroke size not the right setting?

Stroke of any size will import as a line in LightBurn. Convert the stroke to a path before importing into LightBurn.

Thanks. I actually just stumbled upon the offset tool that fixed my issues as well. I think this thickens the lines up just enough to make them likable to the software.

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