Trying for Chrome look on White Tiles

Trying for Chrome look on White Tiles
Using Nicky Norton White Tile Method
Ortur Pro LM2-4 5.5 watt
1200 mm/min 28% power 318 DPI
Sandy Beige Paint


Your results are always super perfect and incredibly beautiful, it is great that your enormous work with this procedure / technique is rewarded in this way.
Stay healthy and thank you

I’m very impressed by the illusion. Some of those look nearly reflective. Well done.

This was done on Alder wood with a very light wipedown of Latex primer thinned to consistency of milk


Beautifully done. I hope I live long enough to reach your skill level.

Well I,m 70 not much more time for me…LOL

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I wish you another 70 years, and good health to go with it!!
I would love to learn how to do this on my 60 watt CO2 laser, so I have a few tiles to practice with. Also some beech plywood if it will work well.

I think i will start to hate you :rofl:, you achieve goals that i can only dream, and i’m really trying to work in NWT method, but i don’t know why i’m not able to have even a quater of your results…

I have noticed that these incredible results seem to be mostly by folks using diode lasers. I’m hopeful that I can accomplish a similar result on my 60w OMTech, but so far it is a disaster. Good thing a box of 100 tiles is only $10 bucks!