TRYING OUT LIGHTBURN - Wont connect to 60w m7 jopa laser

Im demoing light burn. I can connect my Atomstack just fine but cant connect my fiber laser. Its connected to my laptop but lightburn wont connect to it.
ANY and all help would be great. I want to try out their software 1st.

The type of computer is generally less important than the os…

Did you install the proper drivers for the fiber when you installed Lightburn?

If you ran the EZCad drivers it won’t work with Lightburn.


It works in easycad2. Lightburn says the driver is installed and when I turn on the laser it sees it on port 7 but yet still shows disconnected. I have removed drivers and reinstalled drivers.
I plan on moving away from LaserGRBL and using LIGHTBURN but I just cant seem to get it to work.
Should i uninstall the BJJCZ Device driver?

If it works in EZCad it will not work with Lightburn.

Did you follow the swap divers video?

I don’t know what os you have, I assume it’s windows… which I know little about…

All I know is it’s usually a driver issue.


Yes Windows 10 64bit.

I have multiple lasers, a Diod & a Fiber laser. I want to try on LIGHTBURN. Does the demo only allow 1 laser? That could be the problem?

No, it will handle anything Lightburn does… dpssl (diode) grbl, fiber and c02… for the trial period.

Good luck


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