Trying super hard to get a password to work & access my machine seats

Windows 10, Dell Laptop 32gb & i9 quad processor

I am trying to create a password for my account, so I can access the licence portal that allocates seats to my 3 PC’s… the licene key works fine, but LB will not accept my email. also I have no idea what my username is or how to find out.
I never had to create a password in the 1st place, & now it is proving impossible.
An hour of battling it out with LB online customer service & they then ceased talking as I was too boring to bother with.

all I want it a password that works - but this is too much for LB to resolve.
I suggested “They” create a password & prove it works & let me know what it is, but this was too much to hope for.

so, I have entered the relevant email address in the email & password box, clicked forgot-password…
I sometimes get a link emailed back, click on it, put my mail address in & create a new password…
Nothing happens, won’t work, responds as “Authentication Failed - Try Again”
& this goes on & on… 2 hours now & still cannot access the License portal of the website for my License Seats…

So far resisted the intense urge to hurl the laptop thru the window… & not getting anywhere.

it could be that the answer is in plain sight… but it certainly isnt working FOR ME.

any one got any ideas, maybe I’m not seeing something here ?
to all
Grant B

I am assuming you already got in touch with support via

The team is often on the forum but i would be certain emails to support take precedent vs forum posts.

You can - do both :smiley:

YES, as per message above, I spent an hour with on-line support, & they gave up.

My business builds & sells lasers - lots of them, & I have been using LB CAD for several months now, & like the program…
this password issue is really annoying me now

We do like to direct folks to emailing support with licensing or portal issues as personal and private information, like ones key or transaction details. When I look into our systems, using your email address you use here, I find that you have a GCode key with only 1 of the 3 seats assigned at present. To help you get going as fast as possible, you can allocate the other seats by entering the key into LightBurn running on those 2 systems.

I see that you have been working with @JessN on the support team, they will help you get this sorted. You may need to check to ensure you are talking to the correct US-based server by making sure your ‘region’ is set to the United States in the top-right corner of that page.


I haven’t given up on you Grant, I believe in you! You can get into the license portal, you just need to make sure you have US as your region in the top right corner and request your password reset. Every time you request one, it will invalidate the one before it. Please make sure you open the most recent password reset email.

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You mean here Jess?

Out of curiosity, is there any circumstance for European servers to be selected?
Or Lightburn ALWAYS uses US?

Yes, users should always have US selected, never EU.

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Update: We too are seeing some issues with resetting passwords at present. We have reported this to our 3rd party provider.

This does not affect your ability to allocate the remaining 2 seats as you’d like. We can clear allocations from our side, so if you want/need to do that, just reach back directly until this gets resolved. Thank you kindly for your patients.


Well, the Selection of EU or US was key to getting the Password Login Creation to work… Even though I am based in the UK - England… which has always been located in Europe, I needed to set my location as US… as in the USA… straight away the password creation worked…

this begs the question that if it only works with US location selection, they why have EU as an option… an almost deliberate self defeating option…

Meanwhile it works - at bloody last.

Grant, Thank you for the update and nice to learn that the change to US location has resolved this issue for you. :slight_smile:

This is a known issue with the 3rd Party License Management system we use. We have reported and requested they remove / hide this option and default to using the US location for our customers. While I understand the feeling, I can assure you this is not as you surmise, not a deliberate self-defeating option at all. Our intent and desired outcome is for each LightBurn user to have access and the controls to self-manage their licenses in the most convenient way. We continue to receive valued feedback, refining the process as we learn and grow. Now that you have access, I extend a grateful Thank You, once again, for your patience.

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