Trying to achieve this result


As the title suggests. Is this possible in light burn? I feel i may have to layer images for this.

Yes, you should be able to produce this with too much work, but that is dependent on your source art. I do not see anything that makes this desired output difficult for LightBurn. Provide a bit more information (source art format, OS, Grbl firmware version, etc.) for more specific instructions/ideas to achieve this goal.

At the moment I am trying to create something similar with sea shells. I have some stencil clip art that I have used to trace a vector. Now I am trying to figure out how to have them protrude from the frame as a cut out with the section in the frame as a engraving.

Does this make sense?
I will be creating on a custom GRBL machine.
Thank you

You will want to break the nodes of the shells where they cross the frame and treat the inner segments as one type of process, with the frame-based segments being given another process.

The individual “fins” of the shells will all be supported only at the center point, creating a weakness. Ensuring that a majority of area of each fin at the corner is integrated into the frame will help, but also adding minimal webbing between the fins would help too.

If you aren’t already fluent with node editing, you will be soon!

You can also use ‘Boolean’ operators to achieve this but as @fred_dot_u identifies, the individual “fins” of the shells might need some attention to address fragility.

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