Trying to better understand the min / max power for use with material library

Ok, I know there are multiple other posts but for some reason I cannot fully understand this so I am asking in my own way in hopes of someone being able to help me. I think I have it right, but I want to be sure. If I set my min power to 0 and my max power to 100 - and then use shape properties and set it at 20%, that means that I am using 20% of the 100% of my laser power correct? What happens if I set my min to 10% and my max to 100% and then set a shape property to 20%? How does that affect the overall power? Here is what I am trying to accomplish:

I just started using the material library - and I am wanting to set it up for my 60w specifically for the materials I use. But using the material library it doesn’t allow shape properties, only min/max values. In short, I want to test my materials and find an exact power then set it as both the min and max in the material library to use it every time I use the specified materials. My test files I use for lightburn all were set at 20 min and 80 max then using shape properties to find a power - but that cannot be done in the material library - so I am now trying to find more specific numbers for engrave / cut with my laser to use. I want to take out the confusion of the min / max and want to be sure I can use 0 min and 100 max then shape properties to get an exact number for what I need.

I hope that wasn’t too confusing - and thank you in advance for anyone that can offer some help.

HI Kevin I wonder does this help

You will want to click the link to this post rather than reading how it appears below:

I think this is what @Stroonzo is wanting to show:

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