Trying to change font while using the select tool causes Lightburn to shut down

When you use the select arrow tool instead of the text tool and try to change fonts, it causes LB to crash. Tried it on older and newest version - same behavior.

Thank you for reporting this. LightBurn should not crash. What OS are you running? Please gather the crash report along with any details you can provide to help us reproduce and send to: developer at lightburnsoftware dot com for review.

Like this?

I know of a Linux specific crash on certain older versions of Linux, but I’ve not seen this on any other OS, and you haven’t specified which you’re using.

From my Mac.

I am using the latest version of Lightburn (just upgraded) on the latest stable build of Debian Squeeze (9).

I don’t get any kind of error - the program just closes.

@adammhaile - can you check this on your distros to see if you can reproduce this? Would the AppImage deployment feasibly improve this?

@LightBurn - yep, I’ll take a look tonight.
@marshalltjones - one thing to try would be to run LightBurn from the console instead of just double clicking the executable (if that’s what you are doing):

$ cd <lightburn_dir>

That may output some crash information to the console that may be helpful.

And yeah, the AppImage deployment may help - but just a guess as I don’t know what the issue is exactly.

Also, can you give me the output of uname -a please?

It seems to work OK on Mint 19.2.

Also, I assume you mean Debian Stretch?? Squeeze is v6

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