Trying to connect 2nd laser to lightburn

Hi guys, I’m trying to install a 2nd Laser in lightburn.

I’m currently using lightburn for my fiber laser and just got a CO2 galvo.

I can’t figure out how to add the CO2 to lightburn.

When I connect my laptop to the CO2 and click “find my laser” nothing is found.

Am I supposed to first copy and paste the files that came on the thumb-drive with the laser on my laptop?

Thank so much!!

Galvo laser needs additional license and driver’s

Thanks! My fiber that’s connected to lightburn is also a galvo. Does that help?

As was stated, you would first need to add Galvo support to your license. That can be purchased here:

Then, There are very detailed directions on setting up the appropriate driver and adding the device to LightBurn outlined here:

The fiber laser that’s already using lightburn is a galvo. Do I still need to upgrade?

That’s simply showing a driver in Windows. In LightBurn, you can go to Help/License Management and see if you have Galvo support in your existing license. If Galvo is not listed, then you would need to add the Galvo license to your existing key:

Thanks… confirming Galvo is enabled. Thanks again!

Then, it’s really as simple as going back through the docs like you’re adding your first galvo machine, but selecting the appropriate port that the second machine is connect to, setting the lens size, importing the appropriate markcfg7 from that machine, etc.

When I click devices > find my laser… nothing shows?

I’d try unplugging your existing fiber, and only plug in the new co2 Galvo, and then try adding it. Or, try manually adding it. Sometimes, Automatic isn’t always Automatic.

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Thanks Steve. I unplugged the fiber and tried to add manually… any idea which laser/contoller I’m supposed to pick from the list… Thanks again.

Thanks everyone, figured it out. If manually configuring I’m supposed to use JCZFiber… even though it’s not a fiber and it’s a CO2. Thought I’d post in case others find this helpful. Thanks agian.

Yes, that’s just the JCZ control board that’s in your machine. Glad you finally got it worked out.

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