Trying to create a 'Datum Mark'

Hi I am trying to make some little plaques with a datum mark - bit not sure how to etch just the 2 quarters of the circle?




Draw a 1" diameter circle, with it centered on Xpos 1 Ypos 1

With circle selected, select Edit>Convert to Path

With circle path selected, select Arrange>Break Apart

You know have 4 quadrants, Delete 3 quadrants, and keep the upper right one

Draw a .5" vertical line, and place it’s location to lower left

Change the vertical line to be Xpos 1 and Ypos 1

Draw a line from the endpoint of vertical line to endpoint of quadrant

Select the 3 lines and then select Edit>Auto-join selected shapes

Set mode to Fill. I have Filled Rendering turned on.

Draw a 1" diameter circle on the blue layer and set it to line. Set the origin to middle, and Xpos 1 Ypos 1

Select the upper right filled shape, and then select the circular array icon, and key values in like below. For some reason, the center needs to be in metric.

Draw a 1.25" vertical line with location in middle

Change to Xpos 1 Ypos 1

Select the vertical line, and then select the circular array icon, and key values in like below.

The blue lines are to be vector engraved, and they will also enhance the edges that are raster engraved

Great - Thanks for the quick response.


An alternate approach:

Draw a circle, then draw two rectangles starting in the middle of the circle, using the center-snap cursor to tell you when you’re there:


Then use Boolean Difference to subtract the rects from the circle:



That is too simple - thanks.

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