Trying to cut a line left to right but wont let me

I want the laser to cut a line from left to right but it insists on starting at the right side. Even when I select “cut in direction order” and choose left it doesn’t change.

How do I MAKE it cut left to right without changing my entire (global) machine origin settings or something?

Did you draw it going the other way?

It would help a lot if you were more detailed in your endeavor.


“Cut in direction order” just sorts whole shapes, so the overall job will go left to right, top to bottom, etc. It doesn’t change individual shapes.

If you drew the line from left to right, it will cut in that direction unless:

  • You allow LightBurn to choose the best direction and starting point in Optimization Settings


  • You force the starting point to be different with the Start Point editor:

Okay, I didnt even think if I drew it from left to right, I just thought of it as a line. I will try that for next time

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