Trying to engrave a photo on acrylic

  • I’ve tried three times to upload photos but I keep getting an error. I’ll try again later
    I have a mock design that has engraved text and a photo in the middle. On the preview the photo shows all black. On the design screen it shows properly.
    Btw this is just a proof of concept not final design. :joy::joy:

You should be able to drag a drop many kinds of files here. As a relatively new user, you are limited to how many you can do per day…

If you try and upload a file that is too large or the wrong type of extension, it will complain… read the error message…

You have to understand how preview works. It tells you where the laser will fire. It cannot know if you’re engraving on paper, 3" steel plate, wood or rocks, so it can tell you what it will look like only where it will lase.

There is a Laser Everything video on Photo engraving that I recommend to all. It clearly shows the effect of interval and how to find the correct one for your purposes. Works with any laser and any material… Suggest you take a few and watch it, it will be well worth your time.

Good luck


This is the error
/var/www/discourse/lib/discourse.rb:138:in `exec’:

I’ll watch that video

That’s odd, you usually don’t see discourse errors… That is software this site run…

Someone else may have to explain it…the error message that is.


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