Trying to engrave silicone Dog Tags

I am looking for the exact parameters in order to make silicone Dog Tags using Atomstack 5 with light burn.
the best results I got with 2000 speed 65 power and 3 cycles but it is still not good enough.
Can someone give me a hint.

They all look blank. Is that the success you’ve had?

Might help if you could post what failed or didn’t want and explain what you do want.


I wanted to demonstrate the product,
Attached samples of “good results”, it should be mach more black

How about slowing your speed

I tried dozens combinations,
just wonder if there is someone who familiar to this product

When people ask you something, you need to give them a reasonable answer if you want their help. This answer is meaningless.

Something more useful is what speed/power you used for the first and second examples in the photo.

Generally, from the little I know about silicon engraving you need more heat to kind of ‘charcoal’ it.

However, conversely I’ve see a number with co2 that just engraved into the material, with no discoloration. Don’t know if that frequency or power…

Good luck…