Trying to get gray scale to work in lightburn correctly

I got this to work once and it came out great. but now I’ve done something and everything comes out with no light tone just dark. I’ve been trying for two week with no
luck. first lets keep this simple, Please. if I have a 8 x 10 inch picture what should I makes it dpi at. After that what should the min-max be set at. Last is the speed in mm per inch. I have a 7 watt diode PWM blue laser. I’m using a elksmaker unit. My laser is a generic one and is not in you list of lasers. Any help would be great. Like I said I did get
it work for one day then I change something and I lost it from there. I even reset the software to factory. still not luck.

For a diode laser Min Power should be zero. Max Power should be whatever gives you a good burn. Start with the interval at 0.1mm (or DPI at 254).

And LightBurn doesn’t care what the laser is - that’s just a light bulb. The thing that turns the bulb off & on (the controller) is the important part.

thk, what is a good controller board I can buy to increase the gray scale out?
Also what speed (mm/min) 1000? Here are the 3 I did before it all went bad.

To increase rastering speed and get good grayscale (and especially both of those together) you will need a 32 bit board. This user has done a conversion of a diode machine with a Cohesion3D LaserBoard.

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With a 7 watt diode that’s properly focused, you should have no trouble getting a good burn at 4500mm/min to 6000mm/min, assuming your controller can keep up with that speed.

Thanks for the information