Trying to get LightBurn to work with a JCZ LMCV4-SPI Controller

Hi, I have been trying to get my machine to work with LightBurn without much success, I have only been able to get the framing to work correctly. When the machine is connected to LightBurn it displays: Unrecognized board signature: 0000014c09002002 at the bottom, I assume this is because the board or laser is not fully supported?

The machine contains a TruPulse nano 2002 FK10-RM fiber laser with a JCZ LMCV4-SPI controller.

I have imported the markcfg7 along with the COR file used in EzCad 2. During the import of the markcfg7 I would get notified that the laser type is invalid, I got past this by switching the laser type to something else in the config and then re-assigning it to SPI in the device settings, which is what it is set to in EzCad 2.

If it’s the case of the board / laser not being supported, will it be implemented in the future?

Do you have an spi laser and the spi is the control board in your machine?


I know the spi uses a different way to control the fiber laser… don’t know if it’s something the software has to deal with…

I assume it runs EZCad2?


Yeah, LMCV4-SPI is printed on the board and it also displays that in EzCad.

Screenshot 2023-03-20 144123

Yes, unfortunately :slight_smile:

Something sounds fishy how your install went… I’d expect the import to work without issues …

One of the others may be of more help, but my controller connects and says ready in the laser window if the fiber is on… does yours say disconnected or ready?

I don’t have the issues of it disconnecting like some of the other Chinese products I have.


It says ready in the laser window, and will go as far as framing but once I click start it will progress through the mark without the laser doing anything.

Screenshot 2023-03-20 152613

Screenshot 2023-03-20 152833

Can you post a screen shot of the device settings…?

What kind of laser source do you have, JPT Raycus or ?

What type of fiber?

It sounds like it’s just not enabling the laser or something… I would have to think it’s a configuration issue… hopefully something simple in software…



Here are the settings I currently have in LightBurn:

and in EzCad 2:

Here is a copy of the config file as well, if that helps:
markcfg7.txt (10.1 KB)

The laser source is a TruPulse nano 2002 (FK10-RM).

I don’t see anything out of the ordinary, so I don’t know what to tell you… If it talks to EZCad2 it’s supposed to work with Lightburn… as far as I know…

You might want to send a note to support and reference this thread…

Mine says ready only when the fiber controller is powered up…

I assume this has worked before you moved to Lightburn?

I ask, because I use Linux, making EZCad2 useless… If Lightburn didn’t exist, I wouldn’t own one of these, depending on Chinese software that only runs on a Windows machine.

Shoot a note to support and ask them…


Yeah the laser is perfectly fine and used daily so it shouldn’t be that

Alright, will do. Thanks for the help!

We’ll be waiting to hear what’s up…

Good luck


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