Trying to get my 170 degree camera aligned

I was hoping to get a better understanding of what I should expect from the camera I’m using. I have my laser (xtool d1) in an enclosure. This is making it tough for me to get the camera working. Tough because I don’t have a lot of height over the laser for the camera to capture the bed. I’m using a 170 degree camera. Here is the link to the product…

When I go through the lens alignment I can get some good scores. Attached is a screen shot of the best I can get. Even with very good scores you can see that the image is still rather warped. Is this the best I can get? It might be and that’s ok, I’m just looking to understand. The real reason I’m asking is because when I go to the next step and try to align the print area the captured screen always looks horrible. Completely un-useable. So I’m trying to understand what I’m doing wrong.

That is the live preview image - it will always be warped. The resulting image after you click ‘Update Overlay’ is the one that will be corrected.

If you should show what you see on the “completely unusable” next screen, that would be more helpful. :slight_smile:

Working on that now HAHAHA

I just finished watching one of your tweaking videos and it worked!

So what I didn’t realize is the the lens alignment really has nothing to do with the laser and the laser bed at all! When I watched your video you basically had the lid of your laser open and you tuned the camera that way. I had no idea that was how it worked. Got it tuned in now and it’s pretty damn close! For a 170 degree camera I have nothing to complain about. Thank you!!!

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Happy to hear it. Most people get really hung up on the first couple images of that next screen, and trying to work with the mounted camera, which is why I made that video, so I’m happy to hear it worked as intended. :slight_smile:

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