Trying to make a cut out

I’m not sure what I’m doing as I am learning but at least it’s not a bucket of pieces this time??? My friend wants me to make her this cutout. I learned to weld (I think) but still didn’t get the result I’m needing? I’m not sure what information would be helpful to know how to ask for help. I know I have a Boss LS1630 100W. Any advice would be greatly appreciated :grin:

Let’s start there. What are you trying to achieve? Share a picture of the final result or an example of what you want in the result. What material will you be using for the final piece? What have you tried and what are the results you got in comparison to what you are wanting?

This is an older video, but I suspect the topics covered here will help you:

I’ll have a newer video coming out in a few days that’s similar, but updated with the new UI, but for now, give this a go. The older videos refer to ‘Scan’ and ‘Cut’, which are now ‘Fill’ and ‘Line’, but aside from that everything should carry over.

In addition to the video Oz posted, this one goes into the ‘Boolean’ tools, when and how to use them to achieve different tasks. You might find this helpful as well.

Thank you, I will watch these videos and see if I can find where I am going wrong.

It is very hard for me to “see” from your first image but it looks like this was done with a ‘Fill’ layer scan and not using the outline of the shape set as a ‘Line’ to run around the shape to cut out the material. Could this be the issue?

I believe you are correct. I just finished the second video that one was the one I had watched before trying again. I have to learn to do both fill and line at different operations. Like I saw on a video where there are different item lines (not sure the approporiate lingo) but different lines had different instructions for say.

this is the original file I made before watching the second video

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this was my result

Thank you, I understand. :slight_smile: Yes, you will need to connect these shapes as described in the ‘Boolean’ video and set this all on a single layer set to ‘Line’. This should result in what you are wanting. There is nothing I see in the “final outcome” example photo you shared that would require ‘Fill’ settings.

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Try this:

Select everything in your design, and click the ‘Weld’ button (or Ctrl-W).

That will weld all the overlapping shapes together, and might be exactly what you’re looking for.


I’m sorry, but I did laugh. I’ve done that.

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Haha!! I laughed as well when my husband asked if I had glue​:joy::joy:.

I’ve just posted a new video which might help you as well. It was recorded recently, so the UI is current, and it goes through a few basics in LightBurn, like setting up layers, how to use the preview to check your work, and a few other bits. If you’re still learning your way around, it’s worth a look:

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