Trying to not cut certain areas of pattern

Hello fellow Lightburners,

I am trying to engrave my phone case with a pattern. There are a couple of areas (camera and popsocket) that I cannot figure out how to exclude from the pattern. These are the areas in purple. The blue is the pattern. The outline of the phone is in layer T1

Sorry for the garbage pic, best way i could think of to upload it.

Edit: did some stuff to get the size down: heres the lightburn file.
Phone background.lbrn2 (833.1 KB)

Thanks in advance for any tips!

Probably have a lot of good responses if you don’t mind uploading the .lbrn2 file so it can be examine…


Unfortunately it says it is too big. I tried uploading to google drive and making a link, but its just a bunch of code nonsense.

I use google drive to put videos or other things that are too large to post directly.

It’s not too tough, right click on it in google drive, click ‘get link’, set the access to anyone with link, then ‘copy link’.

Come back here and paste it…

If this is too much effort to get some help then … I don’t know what to say.

Best of luck


Here you go.

You can use ‘Cut Shapes’ for this:

If this pattern was created by tracing an image, you could also choose not to trace the image, and mask it:

This was a huge help. I got the image masking to work, but now I cant figure out how to do “reverse” masking- I want to mask what I select instead of everything else. Any idea on how to do this?

For example, in the help page on masking they mask the rectangle inside the dog. I want the rectangle to show through and the rest to be masked.

It depends what you mean by show through- based on the first image you shared I think you mean you don’t want the rectangle/circle areas to be engraved. In that case you have to group those shapes together with a larger rectangle that encompasses your entire image.

If you mean you only want the pattern engraved in rectangle/circle areas, group those shapes together but do not create a larger rectangle around everything.

Below, the left is the first method, the right is the second:

There’s a deeper explanation under Advanced usage, here:

And here’s info on grouping:

You are an absolute life saver my friend. I’m pretty new to this kind of stuff and I spent like 3 hours trying to figure this out. Fun to learn, but not for that long!