Trying to remove unwanted lines all at once and correct the remaining shape

Hi, I’m a newbie and need to correct leather sewing pattern pieces that I want to cut with my Atomstack A20 Pro.

I know to use “trace image” and “ungroup” to the pattern image so that I’m able to remove the unwanted outside circle line but I can only do it one circle at a time which is really time consuming. Is there a way to select a bunch of circles at the same time and remove all the unwanted outside circle line at the same time?

My second question is that how to reshape the distorted circles that are left with perfect 1 mm diameter circles? So far I have created with the circle tool my perfect 1 mm diameter circle which I copy and paste to each center of each distorted circle and then erase the unwanted line but again it’s really time consuming and wondering if there is an easier way.

Thank you for your time

Using the select tool drag from any left corner to right corner. Anything entirely within the selection area will be selected. Then delete.

Similarly, if you drag from right to left everything that touches the selection are will be selected.

Take look at Copy Along Path.

Menus - LightBurn Software Documentation

Hi, Thank you for your fast reply. When I use the select tool and select many double line circles, it will delete all of them at once which isn’t what I think you are trying to explain to me. I would like to remove just the outside line of each circle.
Just now by trying different way of selecting, I have managed to select a row with just the inside circle which I moved out of the way so that I could delete the larger circle lines but is tricky to put them back to where they were unless I use some kind of marker to remember there original location. I will look into the copy along path.

Drag from right to left and only select the outer circle along one row/column.


Hi, Thank you so much for your help and patience with me. It worked!!! I didn’t realize that there was a difference between dragging left to right & right to left when selecting. This will save me so much time and I will go ahead and learn the copy along path tool you suggested. Thanks again, I really appreciate it!

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